A Vision for Trusted Climate Data

Climate data represents the single most important set of facts in terms of the sustainability of the planet in addressing climate change. Discovering and deploying trusted data is perhaps the number one issue in connecting a decentralized world. Time is of the essence. Data and its uses are under attack. Trust on the Internet is at an all-time low. The Trusted Climate Data initiative (“TCDi”)seeks to insure that climate data is trusted, sourced with provenance, and made transparently discoverable, and accessible for all, for free, as a public good.

To achieve this vision, the TCDi will convene massive and otherwise disaggregated data sets supported by leading edge technology and analytic capabilities to provide a publicly accessible data platform that serves to connect all the world’s climate data. The resulting platform will be a comprehensive, trusted, and immutable service that will promote and expedite climate action in a way that has not been achieved to date.

TCDi will use Pentalytics– an approach and method to “convene the commons” that has been successfully used to develop global standards across diverse, disparate, and competing actors. Pentalytics will be used to assemble the global commons to accelerate, aggregate, standardize, and synthesize climate data to enable tracking of climate commitments. This effort will facilitate the analysis of the most effective actions, pathways for reducing the costs of climate mitigation, and a means to accelerate action.