Pentalytics for Trusted Climate Data

TCDi will exist for the public good and for public benefit. TCDi has formed a non-profit entity to ensure that all people, parties, and entities have access to trusted climate data. TCDi will work with technology company Spherical Analytics, using Pentalytics, to build and grow global adoption and seamless access to the open source data platform.

Pentalytics is an MIT-researched model to “Convene the Commons,” conceived by Internet pioneer Dan Harple, founder of Spherical Analytics. The methodology allows participants in massive complex networks across five segments (Academia, Industry, Government/NGO, Finance, and Entrepreneurs) to work collectively and collaboratively to achieve challenging goals – in this case a minimum viable interoperability in climate data and the acceleration of data-driven models and interventions for positive climate action.  Pentalytics has no bearing on an organization’s non-profit charter, and is used solely as an organizing principle, with related network graph based technologies to better organize and manage an ecosystem.

Pentalytics methods have successfully been used in convening large decentralized, highly competitive global industries: the global transportation sector to improve global transport (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, MOBI), and the convening of the global music industry to provide interoperability and transparency for digital music (Open Music Initiative). Each of these entities is independent and have selected their own corporate and/or charitable status, a decision separate and distinct from the use of Pentalytics as a method and principle to convene the commons.

TCDi believes that using this method and technologies, and the team behind it, as the model for building the TCDi platform will provide the best outcome for the veracity, security, and interoperability of the world’s climate data.